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Everything is Made In-House

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In-House R&D

Our highly capable in-house R&D team is equipped with state-of-art tecnology, including 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, and a top notch testing lab, significantly accelerating innovation and product development.

One-Stop Manufacturing

We specialize in integrating tailored solutions into our manufacturing process, enhancing your brand’s effectiveness through customization, packing, branding, and various accessories to tailor helmets to your requirements

We’re ready to develop and manufacture industry-first innovations that can change the world. Are you?

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Service Excellence & Innovation

Delivers exceptional service with direct communication and strong confidentiality practices, fueled by in-house R&D and a commitment to quality, safety, and innovation.


Manufacturing Expertise & Efficiency

Employs deep manufacturing expertise for cost reduction and productivity, optimizing processes through lean manufacturing and detailed documentation.


Quality Assurance & Confidentiality

Ensures products meet high standards for quality and durability while strictly protecting business secrets and project confidentiality.


One-Stop Integrated Solution

Provides a comprehensive solution from mold opening to assembly, leveraging integrated facilities for seamless and innovative production.